JDI practiced law for nearly fifteen years in various countries such as Belgium (where I lived for 10 years), my native south of France and Quebec, where I’ve been living for more than eight years.
With the objective of confirming the adage, “the law opens many doors, provided you use one to leave” I made my escape from the legal world in 2008 into that of multimedia, namely the production of video games and mobile applications.
I had the pleasure to participate in the creation of a dozen games and to immerse myself in a crazy and creative environment where I could trade-in my suit for a pair of jeans!

I’ve been exposed to a mixture of cultures, influences and a variety of experiences that have all served, in turn, to satisfy and stimulate my curiosity.

My sense of humour and innate refusal to take myself too seriously also play a big role in how I see life: an attitude I credit to my grandmother, who instilled in me the love of a good turn of phrase and a play on words.

It was ultimately the accumulation of my life’s experience, both professionally and personally, that prompted me to get into novel writing….

However, although the desire was there, the inspiration was not – at least not at first.

Then, one special morning, the characters I’d had in mind for a while began to come to life and the Rossetti & MacLane novels were born!

Under the banner of technology, humour and suspense, we are privy to witness the birth of a new bond between two characters who could very well never have met and yet manage form a very dynamic duo.

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  1. Impressive Bio, best wishes for the greatest success in all you do.

    • jdumont says:

      Thank you for the kind words!
      Yours also impressive and I’m looking forward to starting the Bridge of deaths as its description convinced me on a wink to buy it 😉

  2. Elle Boca says:

    Hello and bonjour Jerome, It’s nice to meet you here and connect on Twitter. Thanks for reaching out! You’re welcome to email me directly anytime (I don’t have your email address so I’m responding to your last message here).

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